quick & delicious 3 minute salmon avocado sweet mustard toast recipe

Quick and Delicious 3-Minute Salmon Avocado Sweet Mustard Toast Recipe
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Imagine starting your day with a burst of flavors that awaken your taste buds - this is what this quick and delicious 3-minute Salmon Avocado sweet mustard toast recipe promises!

This special recipe and meal idea, featuring smoked salmon, fresh avocado, and sweet mustard, is designed not just to fill your belly but also to tickle your palate and enhance your breakfast or lunch experience in a way you never thought was possible. This dish is proof you can whip up magic in just 3 minutes.

unlocking the deliciousness of salmon avocado toast in just 3 minutes

Firstly, gather your ingredients. You'll need a slice of your preferred bread, lean smoked salmon, a ripe avocado, and some sweet mustard. Remember, the quality of your ingredients significantly impacts the flavor of your finished dish. Choosing fresh, high-grade produce is the key to maximizing the multi-layered flavors of this recipe.

Once everything is in place, it's assembly time - the real magic moment. You start by toasting your bread to your preferred level of crunchiness. Next, it's avocado time. Mash your ripe avocado with a touch of salt and spread it generously atop the salmon. The creamy fruit adds a refreshing, smooth counterpart to the robust fish.

With the avocado in place, the sweet mustard comes into play. A drizzle of this tangy condiment introduces a third flavor profile, revealing the true complexity of this minimalist meal.

Then, layer on your smoked salmon, carefully adding slices to ensure every bite includes an infusion of its rich, smoky flavor.

And just like that, in about 3 minutes, you've created a winning combination of flavors and nutrition in one simple dish. You're now ready to dig into your homemade Salmon Avocado Sweet Mustard Toast. Enjoy every bite, and don’t forget to share the recipe with others who might appreciate this speedy yet satisfying meal.

healthy high protein salmon toast recipe

quick & delicious 3 minute salmon avocado sweet mustard toast recipe

Quick and Delicious 3-Minute Salmon Avocado Sweet Mustard Toast Recipe

Preptime: 3min

Cooktime: 0min



Ingredients for the recipe:

1slice of sourdough bread
50gsmoked salmon
1tspsweet mustard
dill tips
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  1. Grab a slice of your preferred bread.
  2. Properly toast it to your liking.
  3. Next, thinly slice a ripe avocado. Lay these lush slices on your perfectly toasted bread, then add a sprinkle of salt to level up the flavors.
  4. Delicately layer your smoked salmon on top, then spread your sweet mustard over it.
  5. Finally, don´t forget to garnish with dill tips.
  6. ENJOY!

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quick & delicious 3 minute salmon avocado sweet mustard toast recipe

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