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12/04easy classic chicken noodle soup (from scratch)
11/08easy and healthy green beef noodle soup with mint recipe
09/14easy eggplant casserole
09/08how to make the perfect spinach feta omelet
08/30pistachio cookies

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healthy avocado sandwich recipe

This Dominican-style healthy onion Avocado Bagel Sandwich recipe is the perfect simple breakfast or lunch recipe.

dominican style healthy onion avocado bagel sandwich


plate with creamy garlic spinach shrimp penne

Minimal Ingredients, minimal time effort but maximal delicious that’s the motto for this amazing 10-minute creamy garlic shrimp pasta.

amazing 10 minute creamy garlic shrimp pasta


vegan iced coffee better than starbucks

A cold and fresh but still creamy drink is what we all need on a hot summer day. I'm going to share how to make the perfect iced vanilla latte, so you won’t ever need to go to Starbucks to get yourself one.

how to make the perfect iced vanilla oat milk latte


simple delicious vegetarian soup recipe

This is the best healthy roasted goat cheese red bell pepper soup ever. The perfect lunch or light dinner for hot days.

best healthy roasted goat cheese red bell pepper soup

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