easy and perfectly delicious french toast casserole

The perfect brunch casserole: French toast casserole topped with lots of fruits and heavy cream
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Spring is finally here, which means brunch season has finally started. This French toast casserole is the perfect spring brunch recipe for you and your friends.

Yes, of course, we can have brunch all year. But there is something different about a Spring brunch. Pancakes with strawberries and blueberries, delicious Quiches with fresh vegetables from the farmer's markets, garlic Asparagus, or French toast—the list could go on and on.
Have you ever hosted a brunch? I want my brunch to be something other than just a breakfast. I want to celebrate food with my friends and family. The planning can get very fast and very overwhelming. You don't want to spend the whole morning in the kitchen, and by the time your friends arrive, you'll be pretty exhausted and can't enjoy the brunch because you're too tired. The key is to plan and prepare dishes that you can prepare the night before or even two days before. Today, I will share one of my favorite special brunch recipes. This one is ready in 5 Minutes, so delicious, sweet, and different: My French toast casserole. This recipe is going to make you dance. It tastes like you spend so much time in the kitchen, but you don't. It is the perfect recipe for brunch or if you want to bring a delicious dessert to a party because you can impress people and don't have to stress about the making: minimal effort, delightful outcome.


  • Bread. The main ingredient is the bread. You can use any white bread for this recipe.If you have many different kinds of bread leftovers you can basically throw them all together.
  • Milk. You also need milk for this dish. I use regular milk but if you don’t like regular milk I can recommend you almond milk or coconut milk. That doesn’t mean that you can’t use any other sort of milk, but I didn’t try the recipe with another plant based milk. Since I’m using high quality organic eggs, I will never go back to non organic cheap eggs. I recommend you to use high quality organic eggs, believe me you will taste the difference.
  • Spices. Okay now let's talk about the important steps/ ingredients, whatever you like to call it, the flavors. Until now we have three basic ingredients which would taste boring if we left out the next ingredients. For an epic taste bomb you will need an orange-zest, brown sugar, cinnamon, cloves, vanilla extract and brown sugar.
Again, you must use an organic orange because citrus fruits contain a large amount of pesticides. The CFIA analyzed citrus fruits and found that almost three percent contain more pesticides than the maximum allowed. Here is one of many great articles where you can read more. I always use tipCeylon cinnamon, which is also considered the" true" cinnamon. Cassia cinnamon, which is the cheaper cinnamon, contains a significant amount of coumarin, which can be harmful if you take large doses of it. Ceylon, on the other hand, is much lower in coumarin. You can enjoy all the health benefits of cinnamon by using a high-quality one.
I love vanilla as extract or pure. But what I don't like is any vanilla imitation. I know vanilla is very expensive, but this is an ingredient that you should invest in. If you can't buy pure vanilla as it is very expensive, make sure to buy vanilla extract, NOT flavor, which only contains good quality vanilla and alcohol, no extra sugar or any other ingredient. I always buy organic Dominican extract. Once you've cooked with it, you will never buy another one.
drizzle some maple syrup on the most delicious french toast oven bake


My number one tip is to prepare the casserole the night before and leave it in the fridge. This gives the ingredients so much more time to unfold their flavors, which you can really taste.
You can use any fruits you like as toppings for the casserole. I love to use berries or mango and maple syrup and to give it a fresh kick; I use fresh mint. It's so good.
Bake for 30 minutes at 180° C in the oven or until the top is golden brown. Now ready to serve, you can enjoy the perfect sweet brunch recipe.
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drizzle some maple syrup on the most delicious french toast oven bake


easy and perfectly delicious french toast casserole

The perfect brunch casserole: French toast casserole topped with lots of fruits and heavy cream

Preptime: 5min

Cooktime: 30min


Totaltime:275min + your waittimemin

Ingredients for the recipe:
500gwhite bread
80gbrown sugar
2tbspvanilla extract
1tspground cinnamon
0.5tsplemon zest
4tbspbrown sugar
2tspground cinnamon
maple syrup
your favorite fruits
  1. Preheat the oven to 180°C (only if you're doing it right away).
  2. Pour the milk into a bowl. Add the eggs and whisk it.
  3. Add the cinnamon, cloves, vanilla extract, orange zest, a sprinkle of salt, and the juice of an orange, and mix it.
  4. Cut the bread into cubes.
  5. Add the bread cubes to a baking sheet. Pour the milk mixture over the bread cubes.
  6. If you have the time, I recommend you leave the prepared French toast in the fridge overnight. If not, you can go on with the next step.
  7. Mix the brown sugar, cinnamon, and the melted butter.
  8. Sprinkle the topping mixture over the prepared casserole.
  9. Bake until it's golden brown and crunchy on top (for about 30-40 minutes, depends on your oven).
  10. Pour maple syrup over and add your favorite fruit.
  11. ENJOY!

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easy and perfectly delicious french toast casserole

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