easy flavory lemon mint lentil soup recipe

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This easy flavory lemon mint lentil soup is the perfect healthy, vegan, warm, and cozy meal on cold days.

I thank the universe for Turkish cuisine. I love Middle eastern cuisine. It reminds me so much of Dominican cuisine, full of fresh ingredients which give so much flavor.
The amazing Turkish lentil soup inspires this soup. It is not an authentic traditional recipe. It's just inspired by it.

ingredients for the easy flavory lemon mint lentil soup recipe

  • Lentil.

    Red and yellow lentils are both perfect for this recipe. Lentils are a fantastic source of Vitamin B6, Fiber, Folate, Iron, Magnesium, Potassium, Zinc, Copper, and Manganese. Lentils have been shown to have anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and neuroprotective effects.
  • Onion.

    The onion will add so much flavor to the lentil soup. You can use a yellow or red onion. If you love onions, you can add more as the instruction says.
  • Garlic.

    Together with the onion, the garlic forms the basis of the season. Make sure that Garlic cloves are fresh.
  • Potatoes.

    You don't need many potatoes; it will thicken the soup and add some healthy carbohydrates.
  • Carrots.

    The carrot will give the soup a sweet taste, perfect for balancing all the different ingredients.
  • Celery.

    One celery stick.
  • Lemon.

    Lemon zest gives the soup a fresh note. In the end, you will drizzle some lemon juice in the soup, which is perfectly sour.
  • Mint.

    This is the cherry on top of this dish. The mint, combined with the other ingredients, is just out of this world.
  • Tomato paste.

    Not only will the soup have an excellent color it will also have a slight tomato taste.
recipe for easy winter lentil soup

how to serve the lemon mint lentil soup

The soup is so delicious you can serve it all by itself. However, if you want some extra carbohydrates, eat bread with it. It fits perfectly.

how to store the lentil soup

You can store the soup in a container in the fridge for about three days. Before putting the lid on the container, please wait until it cools off completely. If you want to eat the soup after a few days, I recommend placing some caraway seeds on top to avoid bloating.
recipe for easy winter lentil soup


easy flavory lemon mint lentil soup recipe

easy flavory lemon mint lentil soup

Preptime: 5min

Cooktime: 35min



Ingredients for the recipe:
500gred or yellow lentil
1celery stick
2garlic clove
1medium-sized onion
6mint leaves
2tomato paste
1tbsplemon zest
  1. Peel the onion and garlic.
  2. Chop the onion and mash the garlic.
  3. Cut the bell pepper into cubes.
  4. Wash the carrot and cut it into small cubes.
  5. Zest the lemon. But make sure to zest the yellow part of the lemon.
  6. Chop the parsley.
  7. Peel the potato and cut it into cubes.
  8. Cut the Celery stick into small rings.
  9. Wash the lentils under water.
  10. Use a big pot, add some oil, and put it on medium-high heat on the stove.
  11. Add the chopped onion and saute for about a minute.
  12. Add the carrots, garlic, lemon zest, celery stick, and tomato paste, and saute for about a minute.
  13. Add the mint leaves.
  14. Add the potato cubes and lentils—Fry for 30 seconds.
  15. Pour water into it.
  16. Add salt and stir it—Cook for about 20 minutes.
  17. Check after 20 minutes if the lentils are soft. If not, let it cook for ten more minutes or until the lentils are soft.
  18. When the lentils are soft, blend the soup with a hand mixer. The ingredients should all become one.
  19. If needed, add salt.
  20. Cook for 5 minutes.
  21. Add the juice of 1 lemon and stir the soup.
  22. ENJOY!

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easy flavory lemon mint lentil soup recipe

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